New additions for 2014

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Launching July 1 are some great additions to our existing product lines.

Coming to our Large Jar and Window Tin line is a new blend: Za'atar. Za'atar is a staple in middle eastern cuisine and has become popular in the U.S. Use on flatbread or swirl into plain yogurt with a drizzle of olive oil.

Also coming to our Large Jar line are two new blends just in time for summer harvest. We are launching two new pickling blends. Bread & Butter Pickling Spice has a balance of sweet notes and some tang. Victoria's recipe for Bread & Butter quick refrigerator pickles is easy and delicious - an essential for any well stocked refrigerator. Dill Pickling Spice makes spears with a satisfying sour bite and a distinct garlic note. These refrigerator dills are a BBQ essential.

Coming to our Origin Spices - 4 new items! Dark Dutch Cocoa Powder, Origin: Ivory Coast, Africa: Dark Dutch Cocoa Powder is authentic Dutch processed cocoa powder with a high fat content (22-24%). The cocoa beans are grown and harvested on the Ivory Coast of Africa where the worlds best cocoa grows. Sumac, Origin: Turkey: Sumac is a favorite in Middle Eastern cuisine. The tart citrus character acts as a flavor enhancer in recipes. Roasted Garlic, Origin: USA: Garlic that has been roasted has a deeper, slightly sweeter flavor. This garlic is grown and harvested in California, and roasted in the USA. Turmeric, Origin: Malabar Coast, India: Turmeric is prized for its intense golden color and its many health benefits. The aroma is earthy and the flavor is pleasantly warm and slightly bitter.

And last, new to our Small Jar line: Bacon Glaze. The sweet notes from honey, maple, and clove are balanced with the spicy character of paprika and black pepper to create the perfect balance of sweet and spicy that makes bacon even better than bacon.