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At Victoria Gourmet, we are always happy to answer your questions, comments or concerns. Feel free to  call our office at (800) 403-8981 Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm ET or email us at [email protected].

Below are our most frequently asked questions that you might find helpful:


What makes your blends different from other, similar products in the market?

We use special blending equipment to create our products, equipment that maintains a larger piece size than what’s found in most other products. This coarser texture allows for more aromatic oils to be released in your recipes. More aromatic oils equals more flavor.


Where can I find Victoria Gourmet products?

All of our products are available for order from our website as well as at numerous retail locations across the United States. To find a retail location near you, please contact our main office at (800) 403-8981. 


Are your products Gluten Free?

Most of them are. The exceptions are our Sesame Teriyaki and Kansas City Steak Rub seasoning blends (including the Kansas City Pulled Pork Packet and the Sesame Teriyaki Stir Fry Packet). We test every lot of every product we produce ensuring it conforms to the FDA definition of gluten free (less than 20 parts per million).

How much sodium is in your products?

Most of our seasoning blends are considered low salt or very low salt. That means salt is not the first item on the ingredient statement like it is on many of the blends you see in the marketplace. We list all nutritional information including sodium on the nutritional tab of each product page. 


What is the best way to store your products?

Direct sunlight over a period of time will greatly reduce the shelf life of any herb & spice product. We have found the best storage is a dark, cool place – like a kitchen cabinet away from any ovens.

Do your seasonings have an expiration date?

Our products have a "Best By" date (started January 2017). Our seasonings do not spoil, but over time the oils in the blends will dissipate and the flavor will fade. You may still continue to use the seasonings after the "Best By" date, but you may have to add more seasoning to get the same amount of flavor. The seasonings in our glass jars will retain their full flavor for at least a year, the window tins for 18 months and the recipe packets for 3 years. 


My blend has become clumpy and hard. Is it still ok to use?

Because of the nature of our dried products, there are several blends that will absorb any moisture that is in the air. Even through a closed jar or tin some moisture will get in. This means some of the blends can become clumpy or harden. They are perfectly fine to use. Simply break up the clumps to separate. 


I have a tin of your Pie Spice, but I do not see that blend on your website. Do you still sell Pie Spice?

Yes! We have just changed the name to Apple Pie Spice. It is now available in our small square glass jars.

I have a tin of your Holiday Spice, but I cannot find that blend on the website. Do you still sell Holiday Spice?

Yes! We have changed the name to Turkey Rub. You can find it in the Seasoning Blends section. It is available in both our large square glass jar and our window tin.

I am having trouble opening your tins - the blend spills out. Do you have any tips?

Each tin does have a tight fit to preserve the freshness and flavor of each blend. First, cut through the label on both sides of the tin. Then place the tin upright on a flat surface, and insert a butter knife in between the lid and bottom of the tin. Twist the knife and the lid pops off. Another option is to hold the tin close to your body with one hand, and slowly ease the lid off with the other. If you cannot get a good grip on the lid, placing a rubber band around the lid helps to give you a better grip. 


I’m a retailer and am interested in wholesale information. Who do I contact?

Please call our main office at 800-403-8981, or email us [email protected].

Can I order your product in bulk?

All of our products are available in bulk online, except our brines and recipe packets. Please contact our main office at 800-403-8981, or email us at [email protected] to order larger quantities.

Do you ship to Canada?

We currently do not ship direct to Canada from the website. If you are looking for the product in Canada, please contact our Canadian Distributor, Dove Tale Collections. They can help you find a store near you that sells our products:

Dove Tale Collections
Ottawa, Ontario Canada
Phone: 1-877-746-6698
Fax: 613-746-2135
Email: [email protected]


Do you ship products overseas?

Unfortunately we are unable to ship individual orders overseas.