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The Victoria Gourmet Team 

Victoria TaylorVictoria Taylor is the founder and CEO. She is the real person behind the brand (yes, there really is a Victoria).  Victoria is a bit of a control freak so she remains involved in all phases of the business including the branding, packaging, new product development, and business strategy. Victoria’s favorite part of her job is still product development and recipe testing.  Her obsession is the company’s financials which she plays with on a daily basis. Victoria’s favorite blend is Sicilian.







Toasted Onion HerbDeborah Kiernan is the business manager. She keeps everything running smoothly.  When she is out, things go wrong. Deb is the ultimate multi-tasker. She uses three decimal places in all of her calculations. She loves to collect our money – especially when it’s past due. Deb is better at paperwork than anybody else in the office – even though she hates it. Deb’s favorite blend is Toasted Onion Herb.








New OrleansKristin Coleman is responsible for all things internet. She maintains our new website, and surfs the web for cool food related things to inspire us. She is also our customer service department. She takes our orders, and talks to our customers directly when they call. Kristin has two adorable girls, ages 2 and 4 that keep her very busy.                                      Kristin’s favorite blend is New Orleans.








Smoky Paprika Chipolte

Carrie Richards is our professional chef team member and social media marketing savant. Carrie talks very fast because her brain works really fast. She has been known to shop for 10 recipes, cook all 10 recipes and present them beautifully plated in less than one hour.  Carrie has a soft spot for her adorable 8 year old son and craft cocktails.  Her favorite blend is Honey Aleppo Pepper.








Natalie Plaskonos is our safety and quality assurance manager.  Every day she generates a 3 inch binder full of safety documents.  She knows them all by heart.  It’s amazing.  She has impressive stamina born out of keeping up with her two active teenagers and long grueling meetings with safety industry experts. Natalie’s favorite blend is Cracked Black Pepper Rub.