Victoria Gourmet was founded in 1998 by Victoria Taylor. Today, 24 years later, the company is still owned and managed by Victoria. Victoria Gourmet is a certified woman owned business with an all women board of directors, and a predominately female leadership team. Our products can be found at specialty stores, retail stores, and select grocers nationwide. One of the initial 12 seasoning blends launched was Herbes de Provence. It is still the number one selling item. The driving force is the pursuit of flavor.


It’s not just a tagline. It’s my story. My passion for flavor is the reason I started Victoria Gourmet. It’s the reason I still love what I do every day. Creating seasoning blend formulas that provide maximum flavor for recipe applications is the best part of what I do... it's what I love to do.


Victoria cleverly masterminded our color story long before the rainbow of ROYGBIV appeared on shelf. When creating the labels for the initial 12 seasoning blends, Victoria's goals were:
1. Each blend to be identifiable by the label color
2. Label colors must be complementary to the blend
3. Labels need to stand out on the shelf to consumers

Misson accomplished.
FYI Her favorite color of them all is the Herbes de Provence purple. Which is the 2022 color of the year, Veri Peri.