Meet Victoria

Victoria is a native of Rhode Island. She earned a degree in Physics from Harvard, and an MBA from Wharton. She left corporate America in 1998 after a decade at Kingsford and then Welch’s, to launch Victoria Gourmet satisfying her fervor for cooking. Her favorite blend is Sicilian. Her favorite foods are pasta, bread, and cheese. Her favorite cheese is Humbolt Fog. She drinks coffee black. She is a devout cat lover. She is an incredible listener.

Business Manager


Deb is our business manager. She keeps everything running smoothly. Deb is the ultimate multi-tasker. She uses three decimal places in all of her calculations. Deb is better at paperwork than anybody else in the office – even though it is her least favorite task. Deb loves to read, especially at the beach. Her favorite blend is Texas Red, she adds it to every recipe.

Director of Sales and Marketing


Kristin has dueling roles. She manages all things Amazon and is our dedicated customer service guru. If you call there is a good chance you will speak with her. Kristin has 2 young girls that keep her on her toes. Her current culinary obsession is anything and everything with Far East flavors. Her favorite blend is Blackening Rub on spicy chicken tacos with pineapple and pickled red onions.

Warehouse Manager


Carlos is our warehouse manager. He knows every ingredient of every blend, the weight of every product, and every allergen US and Canadian. Carlos manages the staff in the warehouse - this includes the glass washing station, the filling room, and the labeling area. Carlos loves soccer, mountain biking, and traveling. His favorite blend is Honey Aleppo Pepper on anything from the sea.

Shipping & Logistics Manager


Gordy is our shipping and logistics manager. Like Eddie, Gordy knows every postal rate for every courier, for every size box that we ship. He loads and unloads trucks from dock, and manages the pick-and-pack fulfillment team for website orders. You know Gordy is close by if you hear jingling keys. Once an eagle scout, always an eagle scout- he loves hiking, canoeing, and camping, his church community, and most of all spending time with his family. His favorite blend is Cracked Black Pepper Rub on char grilled steak.

Safety & Quality Assurance Manager


Danny is our Safety/Quality Assurance Manager. He ensures all the product in our warehouse, on shelf, and at your home is safe. He works with every single person at Victoria Gourmet on a daily basis in an effort to maintain accurate records and reports. Danny is fiercely passionate about allergens as his two kids both have food allergies. He loves food, photography, and motorsports His favorite blend is Honey Aleppo Pepper.